IT Infrastructure

Labyrinth Technologies has formed a strategic partnership with TMPros ( to provide managed services plans which will provide businesses with an entire IT team for about the cost of an IT guy. We cater to small and medium sized businesses just like yours. Instead of charging by the hour, we offer flat monthly rates with service levels customized to your needs. So, you don’t get gouged and you don’t pay for an IT guy to sit around. Best of all, during an emergency, you have the high-level expertise you need, when you need it. But, with TMPros, we keep emergencies from happening so you can focus on your business instead of IT.

The advantage to you is you get 24/7 monitoring, day-time Help Desk service, and an IT Director or CIO at your disposal for the price your budget can afford. We will work with you on a plan that meets your needs and is right for your budget or (443) 345-2050.