Small to mid-sized manufacturers who need relief from cumbersome ERP reporting solutions should contact us for a free consultation.  Cloud and SaaS (software as a service) models make Smart Manufacturing more affordable.

Let us help you choose a cloud-based or SaaS Manufacturing Execution System (MES). The barrier of the capital investment in the new system is lower and the implementation is considerably easier.

If you are looking for small manufacturers technology or even midsize manufacturers technology, this may well be for you. You can reap the advantages of an MES (decreased costs, improved quality, less waste, enabling of continuous improvement) that once was affordable only to the major players.

If you find yourself with a serviceable MES or ERP system, BUT getting data out of the dang thing is a major headache, give us a call.  There may be relatively inexpensive solutions available to you.   Labyrinth Technologies has put together reporting solutions for ShopTech’s E2 Shop System and can customize operational reports for manufacturers utilizing other shop or ERP systems.   Contact us at or (443) 345-2050.