Nutritional SupplementsA large manufacturer and direct-to-consumer marketer of nutritional supplements requested we keep their identity confidential. This engagement comprised Labyrinth Technologies to lead the consolidation of an ERP system complete with integration to an e-commerce platform into a consolidated order management/e-commerce solution. Also, we wrote the requirements for a data warehouse migration and the migration of an additional system consolidation in the future.

Stanfield CapitalStanfield Capital is a private equity firm focused on investments in the lower middle market. Labyrinth Technologies conducted a technical due diligence for a direct-to-consumer acquisition which included a thorough review of all technical agreements, process diagrams, technical budgets, historical, technical spending, vendor relationships, network infrastructure, technical policies, SWOT analysis, and an opinion document of relative scalability.

NRLNRL & Associates are experts in precision machine parts manufacturing. We were hired to solve a series of reporting limitations from their current ERP provider. The solution included building custom operational reports and dashboards. The execution of the solution included gaining access to the core database tables and sitting down with operational managers to define outcomes.


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