Direct-to-Consumer Marketing

Labyrinth Technologies has extensive experience supporting multi-channel direct-to-consumer marketing companies. The most fundamental component of D2C organization is your customer database or housefile.

But if you landed on this page, you probably already know that. It’s likely you are living in a hodge-podge of disparate systems, databases, spreadsheets, and processes. If you have some legacy applications where you feel stuck, give us a call. D2C order management systems are what we do.

Homegrown order management system? No problem.

Can’t read marketing results with confidence?  We can help.

How about this one… Your marketing campaign forecasts are laborious and prone to huge variances versus actual results because the process is broken.

As you can see,  we understand the necessary technology solutions to get your house and outside lists optimized, what some marketers call “audience selection.” In short, we solve problems.

We are completely confident we speak your language and you will be able to determine this quickly by spending 15 minutes with one of our consultants over the phone. Contact us to see if we there is a connection— or (443) 345-2050.