Data Governance

Today companies have no dearth of data. Accumulating data is organic—it just happens. Business leaders cannot possibly understand why knowledge is so difficult to glean if “we have so much data.”

While this occurs, departments struggle with data gatekeepers. Data gatekeepers are trying to Band-Aid data governance. A symptom of data gatekeeping is a need to protect business leaders from themselves, as the data may be misinterpreted. Meanwhile, business managers struggle trying to piece together data held by these data gatekeepers.

At Labyrinth Technologies, we see this all the time and we have the answers. The solutions to solving this maze is a phone call or email away.  Let us understand your people, data sources, and knowledge needs.  If you are faced with a constant “running with the bulls” month-end exercise of chasing data variances between disparate applications, we can help stop the madness.

Data integrity starts with people and process. Let us help you understand how our methodologies and expertise can help navigate you to a clear path with your data sources.  Contact us at or (443) 345-2050.