Direct Marketing Campaign Management

This derivative of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be elusive for direct marketers who are seeking efficient, effective, and reliable processes and reporting.  If you are evaluating tools, applications, and services that sound too good to be true, let us help you nab the right solution for you.

Conforming to an application or service built to serve all markets may lead you down a path of frustration.  We speak your language and can translate the terminology of a canned application to your needs, as well as build a custom solution to fit your unique needs to help you improve direct marketing campaign management.

Labyrinth Technologies has extensive experience listening to marketers describe their challenges, getting to the level of reporting critical to the decision making required in their roles. This includes:

  • Evaluating various levels of attribution
  • Advanced campaign coding
  • Direct marketing campaign
  • Direct mail planning
  • Improving direct mail forecasting
  • Intersecting offers, lists, campaigns, and segments

The operative word in Direct Marketing Campaign Management (DMCM) is “direct”.  If your direct campaign management processes and technologies leave you with more indirect conclusions than direct ones, contact us at or (443) 345-2050.