We provide solutions to small and medium non-profits who seek creative solutions for digitizing their processes and data. Our typical client has usually purchased a license or subscription to multiple applications to facilitate functions like non-profit case management, donor tracking, and grant management.  However, these systems do not talk to each other, which creates a mound of inefficiency and frustration.

It starts with building and sanitizing your donor fundraising database or “housefile.”  The ability to efficiently leverage your data will create opportunities to leverage multiple channels in your fundraising efforts.

We’ve come across non-profits unsure about leveraging direct mail fundraising because it requires an initial investment of time and money. Picking up the phone to call a donor or sending an e-mail is relatively inexpensive.  It all comes down to the data and your confidence in investing in donor efforts and stewardship to grow and maintain your donor base.

We believe every non-profit should be mailing their housefile.  Your database is the family jewel! However, you need to keep it clean, polish it, secure it, and know when to let it breathe.

At Labyrinth Technologies, we can do just that. We will assess your situation and recommend options for opportunity.  Let us give you a free initial consultation— or (443) 345-2050.